Our law firm can assist you wherever you are, whether in the United States or abroad.  We take all the information we need on line.  Then we complete all the necessary applications and send them to you for review.  We will also send a list of documents we require from you.  After you have reviewed, approved and signed the forms, and have sent us all the documents we require, we will file everything on your behalf.  All this can be done from your home, at the times most convenient for you without having to miss time from work or paying for expensive appointments.

Before you try to undertake the complicated task of applying for a visa or green card on your own, contact the Law Offices of Sahlu Mikael. You will be pleasantly surprised by our affordable rates.
At the Law Offices of Sahlu Mikael, we believe that an educated client is the best client.  Our immigration & green card lawyers will thoroughly explain the immigration process to you and we will let you know what to expect.  Whether you choose to hire our immigration law firm or apply on your own, we wish you success.  To help you, we encourage you to read the books available on this web site:
    Immigration Through Marriage to A United States Citizen Adjustment of Status

In addition, our U.S. immigration lawyers have provided articles and a blog with additional information about immigration matters.
Services offered include:

  •     Green cards through relatives 
        (including spouses, parents, children, brothers and sisters)
  •     Visas for family members
  •     Help with Citizenship applications
  •     Intra-company transfer visas (L visas)
  •     Work visas (H visas)
  •     International adoptions
  •     Consular processing
  •     Fiancée visas
  •     Investor visas
  •     Immigrant Visa USA
  •     Non-immigrant visas

Our U.S. immigration attorneys provide online immigration law services to immigrants and their families in the greater Washington D.C. area and around the world. Our services include: visas for family members and fiancées, help with visa applications, help with citizenship applications, international adoptions, consular processing, and more. The easy online process keeps our fees affordable and lets you access our expertise from anywhere in the world.

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