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Sahlu Mikael has represented us in our immigration process for a green card for Deborah. We live in California and all of our dealings with the Law Office were done by internet and telephone. We have been very happy with the quality of the work done by the Law Office, the speed with which it was done. We were especially pleased with the reasonableness of the legal fees, which were the lowest we found anywhere. We are so happy that we have now engaged Sahlu Mikael on a new immigration matter.

Deborah Lundstrom and Fitsum Meskel

After very many years without immigration status in the United States, we consulted Sahlu Mikael on obtaining a green card for my husband Melaku. Sahlu was able to advise us and complete the process in a matter of months. We are very happy with his representation and plan to use his services in the future for all of our immigration needs.

Melaku Mikael and Genet Adhanom

I am a practicing physician in Maryland, who has engaged the Law Offices of Sahlu Mikael for all of my immigration needs. After many years of my immigration matter being stuck in the system, I retained Sahlu Mikael. I was very pleased with the legal services I received and he has guided me all the way through obtaining a green card and being sworn in as a United States citizen. Thank you Sahlu for a job well done.

Asresahegn Getachew

The Law Offices of Sahlu Mikael have successfully completed several immigration cases for me and other members of my family. We have all been very impressed with the honesty, the diligence, and expertise with which our work was done. A huge plus for us was that the legal fees were very affordable.

Frehiwot Bekele

Sahlu Mikael has provided us with legal assistance in bringing a religious worker from abroad as an immigrant, to serve in our church. He has guided us expertly and successfully through this process. We are extremely happy and have retained him for another one of our religious workers.


DSK Mariam Church

My wife and I adopted a child in Ethiopia and had no idea how to go about the process of petitioning for her as an immediate relative. Sahlu Mikael has guided us through the process which has now been approved. We have been very happy with his services and the affordability of his services. We will definitely continue to use his law firm for the consular portion of this process.

Bizuneh Chane

The Law Offices of Sahlu Mikael have been helping me with several legal matters, including getting my green card after I ran into complications. I had thought it was a relatively simple process and had initially filed on my own because I thought a lawyer was too expensive. I soon ran into complications so I talked to Sahlu Mikael. I was very pleasantly surprised at how cheap his fees were and I hired him. He took over the case and in a short time I was able to get my green card. I should have talked to him first and saved myself a lot of trouble.

Abye Assefa

My wife Seble was a pedestrian involved in an accident with a truck. As a result she suffered serious brain trauma of a permanent nature. Sahlu Mikael represented us in a dignified, caring, and professional manner. When the case was resolved, we were extremely happy with the results. Due to a confidentiality clause, we cannot state the amount of the settlement. Suffice it to say that we are very happy with the results.

Seble W. Gebreal and Negusse Tame

Thank you Sahlu for the excellent job you did in my car accident case. I am very happy with the results and the way you handled my case from beginning to end. It made a very painful and difficult time in my life that much easier.

Nebiat Solomon

The Law Offices of Sahlu Mikael have represented me in two separate automobile accidents. I am very pleased with the manner in which the office handled both cases, and with the results obtained. Thank you Sahlu.


Abye Assefa