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There are many reasons why non-U.S. residents seek a visa for entry into the United States: family unity, economic opportunity, investment, education, or simply to visit. While all these reasons are valid, many visa requests are denied or unreasonably delayed because of faulty filing and avoidable mistakes. These denials may not have occurred had the immigrant sought the help of an experienced immigration attorney.  
"The Law Offices of Sahlu Mikael have successfully completed several immigration cases for me and other members of my family. We have all been very impressed with the honesty, the diligence, and expertise with which our work was done. A huge plus for us was that the legal fees were very affordable."  Frehiwot Bekele
We understand that immigration attorneys & green card lawyers cost money. However, at the Law Offices of Sahlu Mikael we do not believe that it is acceptable for a family to be separated for a lengthy time simply because it could not afford an attorney. For these reasons, we have developed an efficient, online means of processing visa applications at a price that is affordable.

Does it seem that affordable immigration legal services are too good to be true? You may think our prices are low because we are not good immigration attorneys. This is not so.  In fact, Sahlu Mikael was recognized by the Washingtonian Magazine, as one of the top immigration attorneys in Washington, DC and its surrounding areas.  
Sahlu Mikael has been practicing law in the United States since 1988.  His legal experience includes working with some of the top law firms in the nation, representing fortune 500 companies.  If that is not enough, our success record in the last ten years has been extremely high and is backed by the testimonials of many happy clients. Our online immigration attorney services allow you to take advantage of Sahlu Mikael's legal expertise from anywhere in the world.

"Sahlu Mikael has provided us with legal assistance in bringing a religious worker from abroad as an immigrant, to serve in our church. He has guided us expertly and successfully through this process. We are extremely happy and have retained him for another one of our religious workers."  DSK Mariam Church.



In April of 2012 Sahlu Mikael, and his compelling immigration cases, were the subject of television documentary by the nationally broadcast show, "Insider Exclusive". These documentaries broadcasted on major television networks such as CBS and Fox groups.  

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